In thrall to the markets


Sir, – What is it about the markets? What have we done to offend them? Why are they so angry with us? Why do they punish us so?

Yes, there was the matter of all that regulation and red tape that some of our less enlightened brethren thought might curtail their power. But have we not repented, have we not recanted, have we not sufficiently atoned for our mistaken ways? Are not all these plagues that our omniscient and omnipotent markets are inflicting on us egregiously disproportionate to our all-too-human and venial transgressions?

Can not the markets – in their all-seeing and all-knowing wisdom – take pity on us, misguided, wretched and unworthy worshippers that we so obviously are? We confess that we are but a blemish on their magnificent altar.

But what can we do? Must we sacrifice a fatted calf and abjectly tender burnt offerings to their undisputed splendour? Would that be enough to appease their injured pride? – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.