How safe is it to cycle our streets?


Sir, – I refer to the letters of Peter Molloy and Michael Power (June 20th) regarding their negative attitude towards cyclists. If they were to take to a bicycle they would note the perils of cycling in our Fair City. Motorists speed past cyclists at far too close a proximity, provided they even see the cyclist in the first place.

Pedestrians consider cycle-paths (where provided) an extension of the footpath and such carelessness by pedestrians has caused me to very nearly hit a few of them in my time. Cycle-paths are constantly invaded by motorists illegally undertaking vehicles in front turning right, and their exclusive reserve for the use of cyclists is rarely respected, particularly by buses.

Another issue is the quality of the cycle-paths where provided. There are many stretches of cycle-path, for example on the N11 between RTÉ and UCD which are so riddled with drains and potholes that they are simply unsafe to cycle on. Motorists must remember a minor crack in the road for a motorist is a dangerous fissure for a cyclist to avoid.

This is Cycle Week and I implore motorists to look out for, anticipate, and respect cyclists on the roads. We are entitled to the use of the road and we are the ones who will come off second best in an accident. Cycling is here to stay and motorists will simply have to change their ways in order to make the roads a safer place for all of us. – Yours, etc,


Mount Anville Wood,

Mount Anville,

Co Dublin.