Sir, - Jonathan Irwin's article on the work of his Dublin International Sports Council (January 5th) made interesting reading. I wish him well as DISC explores the possibilities of Ireland hosting at some stage the summer Olympic Games "before it is relegated to the woodpile". I look forward to the debate which the council's discussion document is set to provoke.

No doubt the citizens of Barcelona at some stage were sceptical of ever hosting such a major event in their city, given its security and logistical problems. But the problem became "challenges" and the need and opportunity to rise to that challenge was acted upon. Where now, you might ask, are the people to do that for Ireland? Here in Ireland and abroad, of course.

Look thoroughly, hire selectively, and encourage vigorously all possibilities. Organise the infrastructure now. Aim for the World Student Games some time soon, and use it as a dry run in catering for all the sports. The visitors who follow such huge, mass appeal sporting events will only have to be catered for in the event of Ireland being granted the "real" games.

I could envisage the Olympics in Ireland in 2016. By that time, the whole island will be a capable host and a proud one, if corporate/private interests and government act as catalysts. - Yours, etc..


Bullets Basketball Club,