Hay fever and a spoonful of honey

A chara, – Leonie Corcoran is so right about the perils of hay fever. ("Hottest day of the year bad news for hay-fever sufferers", July 19th).

I suffered from hay fever for 40 years. I was told that eating a spoonful of local honey every day would help. I have not suffered for the last 10 years.

It is crucial that you eat honey that has been harvested from within 10 or 15 miles of where you live. Additionally, if you live near mountains, you need to eat honey from your own side of the mountain as bees aren’t good mountaineers. So if you live in Bunclody, you won’t benefit from Carlow honey, or if you live in Roundwood, then honey from the Wicklow coast or Glenmalure won’t work.

The reason why local honey works is that local bees eat local pollen, which is the trigger for your hay fever. By consuming local honey made from local pollen every day, you can build up your resistance to the local pollen.

I was also told that vegans can try drinking elderflower tea or limeflower tea. They might work but didn’t for me, though. – Is mise,



Inis Corthaidh.

Co Loch Garman.