Sir, Ugly though it is, I'm glad to see that the "wife swapping sodomites" remark is still cropping Lip from time to time in your columns. Thrown out, as it was, when the defences were down, it is a reminder of the irrational and hate filled mentality that underlies fundamentalism. And the forces represented by the author of this remark would aspire to political power. Imagine real control over our lives in the hands of people who see anybody who opposes them in the salacious and degraded way that remark implies.

And one day, we will be presented at the ballot box with these forces. With their guard up then and a well applied veneer of reason and compassion masking their policies, without reminders like the "wife swapping sodomites" remark, we might be fooled into thinking that nothing sinister lurks behind. Yours, etc.. Knocknacarra, Galway.