Greyhound racing has been marginalised


Sir, – The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation represents greyhound owners and breeders who are the target of an animal rights campaign of social exclusion. These activists wish to deny greyhound racing, horse racing, farmers, hunters, fishermen, zoos, aquariums, working animals, meat-eaters and pet owners the same rights, opportunities, status and resources that are normally available to all members of society.

Greyhound racing in recent times has been systematically marginalised and excluded by certain media, Tourism Ireland, Fáilte Ireland and national TV broadcasting stations.

Our culture and heritage are being threatened by policies that meet the needs of animal rights activists but not our needs. Some politicians are bowing to the relentless demands of animal rights campaigners and allowing businesses, individuals and agencies to be harassed and forced to make social exclusion policies which are detrimental and damaging to rural pursuits, farming, pet ownership, tourism and any business involving animals. The animal rights perception of our heritage is not reality.

All judgement of what is right and what is wrong is relative to one who is doing the judging. By all means scrutinise animal welfare, scrutinise laws, traceability and regulations but above all scrutinise the attempts to bring about social exclusion. Animal rights activists are experts in using propaganda, allegations and sensationalism but look closely at their accusations, their mistruths, their shame campaigns, their donation buttons, their billboards, their websites, their posters, their megaphones, their chants, their letters to newspapers and their entire modus operandi, and reflect. Please don’t allow the social exclusion of our heritage by animal rights campaigners. – Yours, etc,



Irish Greyhound

Owners and Breeders



Co Down.