Forming a government

Sir, – I wonder if we have reached the time to look at a realignment of politics in this country: into those parties that wants to govern and those that do not. Could this be a solution to the current impasse? – Yours, etc,


Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

Sir, – As a nation we are a quiet people, and often times shamefully so. But how much more shameful is the dilatory and petty manner in which our political parties are crawling towards forming a new administration. They are now condescending to making phone calls, writing letters and presumably having informal discussions when urgent and ongoing meetings forcing a solution should be the order of every day. If we had legislation which stated that unless a new administration was formed within a month of an election then a new election must be held, we certainly would see more urgency. – Yours, etc,



Roscrea, Co Tipperary.