Following Up For Carlow


Sir, - As a Carlovian living in Dublin for many years, but one who returns to my native heath for several weekends and holidays during the year, I was appalled to read Chris Dooley's report (November 4th) which painted a very dim picture of Carlow indeed. Knowing the various "deprived" locations referred to in the report, I can honestly say this is not the Carlow I am very familiar with, nor are the people as despondent as this report would have us believe.

Naturally, Carlow people, like people everywhere, wish to do well for themselves and for their children but to say that they are living a "glorified myth" is beyond belief.

Mr John Browne TD in response (Opinion, November 9th) paints a far healthier picture, telling it as it really is in this little county, with go-ahead, optimistic people having lots to offer the investor, the tourist, the househunter and each other. I'm proud to join Mr Browne in inviting all to "follow me up to Carlow." - Yours, etc.,

Margaret Byrne,

Sutton Grove,

Dublin 13.