Fine Gael and elections


Sir, – Frank Flannery (“Flannery criticises FG election efforts”, July 22nd) is too critical. Voters supported Fine Gael at the last general election primarily to bring back financial stability to the country. Since that time, it has comprehensively delivered on that objective. Ten-year bond yields currently oscillate around 2.5 per cent, exceeding what would have been reasonable expectations three years ago. The party put in place a target of 100,000 jobs created by 2016, and that target has since become a realistic one.

It is true that the voters did not reward the party at the last local elections. Such a decline in support was, on the whole, unjustified. The tradition of complaining about the Government has become so deeply ingrained in Irish society that it has become almost automatic. Whichever party takes on the difficult task of government after the next election will face similar criticism after a short-lived political “honeymoon”. Mr Flannery’s comments do not sufficiently reflect that reality. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14