Filming on Skellig Michael


Sir, – Some of your readers who have visited Macchu Picchu will remember the lady who guards the sacred stone atop the ancient citadel of the Incas. It is called Intihuatana or “hitching post to the sun” in the local language.

To the Peruvians it is the equivalent of Newgrange, the Ceide Fields and Tara all in one. Up until recently it was possible to rub the stone to gain some of its magical powers. Imagine the outrage of the Peruvian people when during the filming of a beer commercial by an Australian advertising agency a large chip was knocked out of the stone.The guard now patrols the stone like a tigress and dare anybody put even a little finger near it. But, of course, too late.

I cannot believe that when the film crew depart Skeilig Michael there will not have been some damage done to this ancient site that we treasure so much. Yours, etc,


Park Street,



Sir, – A compromise must be found. Garth Brooks plays on Skellig Michael and a Martian team play in the All-Ireland final at Croke Park. – Yours, etc,


Monalea Park,

Dublin 24