Fake Kosovars


Sir, - Some unscrupulous and frivolous individuals are exploiting the suffering of Kosovar people for personal gain. A concrete example of this is as follows: On Friday, December 3rd, we went to visit the city of Limerick. After we left Bunratty Castle, we arrived in the city centre and suddenly we saw a strange looking woman. She was holding a sign, on which was written, in English: "Please help me, for my sick son, I am from Kosovo". When we saw this sign, we went to her and asked her, in English, "Where are you from?" and she realised her cover was blown. She ran away.

We are deeply offended by this case and others like it. We Kosovars in Ireland protest against these people who are taking advantage of our situation and doing such things as are unheard of in our Albanian customs.

We feel obliged to comment on this wrong, as we know that every Kosovar person in Ireland is taken good care of and that it is not necessary for any one of us to beg in the streets.

The Irish people and Government have been responsible, generous and hospitable with us, and we are very happy with everything we have. - Yours, etc.,

Agim Sahita, Kosovar English Language Class, Killarney, Co Kerry.