Extra salami, 'do thoile


Madam, - I find it strange that a group of Leaving Certificate students of Irish were unable to order "a pizza with no onions but extra salami" (October 27th). Do they have to be spoon-fed? Could they not think of "Pizza gan oinniún le salami breise, le do thoil"?

More mature students of cookery in Irish might like to consult Nua gach bia by Muiris Ó Droighneáin, wittily illustrated by Úna ní Mhaoil Eoin, and splendidly produced by Sáirséal agus Dill (1975). There, "pióg Iodálach" (Italian pie) is offered for pizza, but salame (pl. salami) does not make it into Irish. Just as well, perhaps, for it seems that "Ispín Ungárach" (Hungarian sausage) or even "feoil capaill" would be too tough for our baby students! - Yours, etc.,

Fr IGNATIUS FENNELL, OSM, Dún Mhuire, Seafield Road, Killiney, Co Dublin.