EU Covid travel agreement

Sir, – I have just returned to Denmark, where I live, from my first visit to Ireland in a year and a half to see my family and friends. The trip itself was wonderful. To see all the people I care about after so long a separation due to Covid restrictions was a joy.

But there was a downside to the whole experience. The downside being the total lack of any checks undertaken by the Irish authorities at Dublin Airport of the EU Covid travel certificate.

On leaving Denmark through Copenhagen airport, my Covid pass was checked three times before boarding the plane, as were those of every single passenger. Some people were required to take a test there and then before being allowed on board.

All very thorough and efficient.


So, arriving into Dublin, I was expecting the same level of attention to be paid. There were signs and announcements instructing passengers to have all necessary documents ready for inspection as we walked towards customs. But no checks were made at all. I scanned my passport and went straight through to collect my bag. As did every other passenger.

On leaving Ireland the other day (August 2nd) there was once again no check made of my or, as far as I could see, anybody else’s Covid pass.

Yet arriving into Copenhagen airport, every single traveller’s pass was checked and, if found not satisfactory, people were sent for a test.

The EU cert is only workable if every nation signed up to it enforces checks on their borders on passengers both entering and leaving.

While other countries are enforcing the necessary checks, Ireland, it seems, is not reciprocating the actions taken by other jurisdictions.

This undermines the entire objective of the Covid cert scheme and is a real danger to its effectiveness. – Yours, etc,