Enda Kenny, Tony Abbott and St Patrick


A chara, – Further to “Kenny rejects ‘stage Irish’ image in Australian leader’s video” (March 16th), I see that Mr Kenny rejects the idea of Irish people getting together “to share a Guinness or two, or maybe even three” on St Patrick’s Day. Has he ever been in a pub? – Is mise,



Dublin 6.

Sir, – St Patrick’s Day is usually a great day of celebration in Australia as we salute our Irish heritage with fun and laughter – and, of course, a Guinness or two or three! It would appear that the traditional Irish sense of humour is definitely alive and well in our Australian prime minister but sadly lacking in Mr Kenny, whose comments about Tony Abbott were rather petty and humourless. Mr Kenny, with the greatest respect, get over it! – Yours, etc,


Donvale, Australia.

Sir, – One cannot but be astonished by the reaction of Enda Kenny to the innocuous and humorous comments by Australian prime minister Tony Abbot. What could be more stage-Irish than the Taoiseach touring America for the better part of a week dispensing shamrock to all and sundry, including the president of the United States? – Yours, etc,


Chestnut Hill,