Election posters - are they effective?


Sir, – In response to Tony McCoy O’Grady’s letter (May 15th), I would like to point out an alternative political poster system that is used in other countries.

In areas of high volumes of pedestrian traffic or at major crossroads, there are boards erected by local authorities that allow a designated space for each candidate. These boards devote equal size and space to all candidates and the posters are made of paper.

This system works in Japan, Italy and Spain, among other countries, in an effort to lower the cost of a campaign for all candidates and decrease the influence of money on politics.

Meeting the electorate face to face has been proven time and again to be the most effective method of winning votes.

While posters may offer a new angle of publicity to new candidates, the system outlined above lowers the playing field and should be implemented in the future.

I hope a strong dose of non-partisanship could see this through. – Yours, etc,


Annagh Lodge,


Co Sligo.