Sir, - There has been many articles in your paper on how we can best resolve the traffic problems we have in Dublin. When one visits many cities around the world as I have, it becomes very easy to know what our problem is. Traffic in Dublin moves too slow.

The first obvious step is to cut out parking on the streets. Should a motorist have no place to park his car, he will leave it at home. So he requires a good transport service. Our present buses are too big and too slow. They should be replaced by mini-buses, when they fill up, as they will, they will take a quarter of the time a large bus takes to get into town.

Because people in Dublin cross the roads anywhere, motorists intend to be cautious. Pedestrians must only cross streets at pedestrian crossings.

It is my opinion that spending millions on light railways, etc., will have little effect on our traffic problem, if we do not eliminate the hold-ups to our traffic flow.

Yours, etc.,

Costelloe, Co Galway.