A chara, - The proposal of the Minister for Transport, Energy and Communications, Michael Lowry, to introduce a light rail system to selected areas of Dublin, while welcome, unfortunately ignores huge working class areas on the north and west side of the city, including Ballymun which was originally intended to be included in the system. This is indeed gross discrimination against an area which has been recognised by such influential groups as An Taisce.

An Taisce's president, Mr David Rowe (Irish Times, December 13th), is quoted as saying that Ballymun requires this service more urgently than some areas that will be in the system first". He goes on to say that extending the system earlier to Ballymun would help to end the anomaly that Dublin Airport is probably the only airport in the developed world which does not have a rapid rail link into the capital city it serves.

There is deafening silence on this issue from Dublin Northwest's TDs, three of whom are members of the Government parties while the fourth is the brother of the leader of the largest Opposition party in the Dail. Once again Ballymun and the northside of Dublin as a whole have been let down.

We are not getting the type of leadership we deserve from our Dail representatives. This is clear from the very fact that Ballymun Branch of The Workers' Party demands action from the four local TDs to ensure that the proposed light rail system - LUAS - comes to Ballymun and Dublin Airport in this century, not in the middle of the next century as Minister Lowry is proposing. - Is mise, le meas.

Ballymun Branch,

The Workers' Party, 37 Thomas McDonagh Tower, Ballymun,

Dublin 9.