Dublin International Piano Competition

Sir, – The Dublin International Piano Competition feels that banning Russian pianists from the competition is taking a stand against Russia.

These young musicians are a soft target and have about as much political agency as dead Russian composers. Therefore, why don’t the competition organisers also ban the remaining competitors from playing Russian music?

A piano competition without the music of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev, pillars of the piano repertoire, would certainly be a different type of competition, but if the aim of the organisers is to implement a cultural boycott this would be more consistent and would reflect an actual sacrifice.

However, I believe a better approach would be to consider the position of the Cliburn competition and recognise that “Russian-born pianists...are not officials of their government, nor is their participation in the Cliburn state-sponsored”.


The Dublin International Piano Competition has got this one wrong. – Yours, etc,