Does Eircode deliver the goods?


Sir, – Eircodes were introduced in July 2015, and we were told at the time that they were so wonderful and so specific that the code you were given was actually specific for your house and for no other house.

A small packet was posted to me from Co Galway using registered post on September 29th, 2017. The address on the front included the area in Dublin where I live and also the full Eircode.

The packet travelled from Galway, through Athlone to the Dublin sorting office.

Unfortunately, the person dealing with the packet thought that Sutton referred to a town in Britain and sent it on to the UK, where it arrived safely. The sorter obviously paid no attention to the full Eircode on the front of the packet. The mistake was eventually discovered in the UK and the packet was returned to Ireland and delivered to me this morning.

What is the point of having an Eircode if An Post workers don’t actually use them? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.