Disturbing destruction of places of worship


Sir, – Using the word vandalism to describe the attack on the Errislannan Church, Clifden, Co Galway, understates the severity of this heinous act – this was a malicious attack (Home News, October 28th).

Property damage is estimated at more than €70,000, and no doubt the community is shaken by the destruction of their local church.

This latest attack highlights the increasing frequency and brutality of wilful desecration to places of worship in Ireland.

As an Ahmadi Muslim and a regular at the Galway Mary Mosque, which was also attacked this June by multiple vandals in a calculated manner, I find this trend highly disturbing.

Several of my fellow mosque-goers have visited the Errislannan Church after the incident. At this time of sadness, I wish to show our support and unity against this senseless destruction that affects us all deeply. – Yours, etc,


Galway, Co Galway.