Defying demons


Sir, – “Demons unleashed” (December 28th) starkly relates the bleak state of affairs in two major political systems. What bad judgment has created in the United States and Britain can be reversed by political activism among the voters of those nations. Brexit and Donald Trump won despite obtaining limited voter support. The Leave total represented just 37 per cent of all registered voters in Britain; Donald Trump had over 8.7 million fewer votes than the combined total of the three main opposition candidates.

It is incumbent on all voters to remain committed to the principles of inclusive society where a nation does not retreat behind walls, or seek to cut itself off from its neighbours through self-defeating policies. The citizens of all democracies must remember that their freedom and way of life is not guaranteed. They must always remain informed about key issues and work to improve their nation for all its residents.

The demons work best in the fog of indifference and misinformation. What the future of the world’s democracies will be is not set, and must not be determined by the demons. Decisions are made by those who show up. Be involved. Stay involved. – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.