Sir, Your distinguished columnist, Drapier (December 23rd) states that in the Seanad debate on the autonomy of TCD "the Trinity lobby lost decisively. Since their disgraceful performance in speaking for, and voting against, the autonomy of the college, the TCD Senators have sought to reassure their electors. They now say that their vote was tactical and that they won concessions by this tactic

Happily, the role of an autonomous TCD in Irish life was supported by FF and the PDs who both spoke and voted for the college. This was crucial in preventing the government from abolishing the autonomy of TCD before Christmas", as threatened and their generosity will not be forgotten.

Over the years the TCD Senators have been a liberal voice in Leinster House. Now that the liberal agenda cannot tolerate a single autonomous university in the State the TCD Senators should get off the fence. Contrary to their voting record, the TCD Senators tell their constituents that the autonomy of TCD has not been decisively defeated. Like Drapier, I await the proof on the next day they have a chance to redeem themselves in the Seanad. Yours, etc., Dublin 2.