Death of children in State care


Sir, – Reading about the 196 children who died in State care makes me wonder what life is really all about. The sad things that have happened to the children mentioned in the Child Death Review Group report are unbearable for me and for so many. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and any of their family members in their suffering and loss.

I remember two years ago being in Ethiopia, adopting our second little girl, and seeing tragedy, sadness and suffering in some parts of the country. The people, especially the children in countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Burkina Faso – as well as our own country of Ireland – need our help, support, love and prayers.

To live without hope is the most crushing of all burdens. Everywhere I have travelled over the past 20 years with my work in the developing world, especially in famine-torn areas, I saw children with a look of despair. I was reminded of the words of the American writer James Agee, who said: “In every child who is born, under no matter what circumstances, the potentiality of the human race is born again, and in them too, once more and in each of us, is born again our terrific responsibility towards human life”.

After reading about the report this week where so many children have died in the State’s care, I have started to hug my two little girls more tightly each day and I am constantly thanking God for giving me the opportunity to have them in our lives and for the wonderful gift they are to my wife and myself.

It is so important to do something special with your loved ones, especially your children because life is short. We must do all we can to protect them and give them hope for the future – for they are our future. We should remember the children in need in our world and in our country who all need our help, support, care and prayers now: tomorrow will be too late for a lot of them. – Yours, etc,


The Rise,