Cleaning up the country


Madam, – Sailing around Ireland, away from the east coast marinas, it is near-impossible to dispose of food waste safely. Some of us love to seek out Ireland’s glorious wilderness on foot or by boat rather than by car.

Roadside recycling bins proclaiming a fine of €3,000 for dumping serve only to tease us. Fortunate that hanging and transportation have been abolished! Sadly, reality often mocks the intent. Litter, mostly plastic, was at every step around Elly Bay on the Mullet. At Rerrin, Bere Island, the recycling bins were removed because visitors put waste in them. Where else could they put it, and where is it dumped now? A bag of stinking kitchen waste can force one to regress 50 years in its disposal.

Governments should not stand in our way when we try to do the right thing, so please let’s restore waste disposal facilities in the wild places!

I’m currently on board the yacht Aloe Verain Cork to complete a circumnavigation from Conwy round the north and west coasts of Ireland, back to Conwy some time in June. – Yours, etc,


Collumbell Avenue,


Derbyshire, England.