Children's hospital plan


Madam, – We have in Dublin alone three children’s hospitals which are recognised globally as being top class, the endeavours of our predecessors, both doctors and nurses. This gives us availability of near-immediate service of consultation and treatment to all public or private patients.

An alternative large children’s hospital is on offer which is not yet built. This will take three or four years to build and then at least five to 10 years to get it working at top-class level.

To my mind the choice is to stay with what we have. I have had the privilege of working as a consultant for 10 years in Temple Street and 30 years at Crumlin. I also know well the excellence of the National Children’s Hospital. Let us stay where we are and continue to move forward. – Yours, etc,


(Emeritus professor of Paediatrics,


Bushy Park Road,

Dublin 6.