Children In Cars


Sir, - Does the average Irish citizen really possess a rabid belief in the sanctity of all human life or is it just a hypocritical, self-serving tenet to be tossed about by individuals or groups when it serves their own interests?

A myriad of Irish human rights groups who campaign against capital punishment, oppose genocide and political terrorism in various countries. The protection of the unborn seems to have a special priority, as well it should, considering our children are the legacy we leave to the future. The list of human rights causes championed by the Irish is too long to recite.

It's awe inspiring to see a small country so dedicated to the preservation of human life not only in Ireland, but around the globe. But one nagging thought remains in the back of my mind: Why does a large percentage of the Irish navigate the highways and byways of this country with absolutely no regard for the lives of the children who can be plainly seen standing on the front passenger seat totally unrestrained? Hypocrisy or lunacy? It doesn't matter; the effect is the same. - Yours, etc., Edward D. Rafferty,

Grogans Road,