Catalonia, Spain and national identity


Sir, – The Spanish ambassador (November 12th) states that 90 per cent of Catalans voted for the 1978 Spanish constitution. That may be so, but the majority of Catalans now living did not have a vote in that election. Those who did vote, voted on the specific and stated understanding that the constitution would be a provisional post-Franco instrument subject to major revision. No revision ever took place. In fact, Madrid has consistently blocked every attempt made to rewrite this antiquated and dysfunctional document.

The nation of Catalonia lost its statehood in 1714. It has been a colony of Spain ever since. As with all colonies, Catalonia is treated with utter contempt by its ruler. The only truly democratic course for Madrid would be to allow an official vote on secession in both Catalonia and the Basque Country. – Yours, etc,


Ward’s Hill,

Dublin 8.