Carrie on regardless

Sir, – I know nothing about Carrie Johnson's alleged involvement in Partygate and I care even less. But I am writing to comment on two recent Irish Times articles defending Ms Johnson, one from Anne Harris ("Demonisation of Carrie Johnson has whiff of courtesan culture", Opinion & Analysis, February 8th) and one from Kathy Sheridan ("Why is Johnson's woke wife blamed for Tory woes?", Opinion & Analysis, February 9th).

Taken together, the logic of these articles is as follows. Ms Johnson is a woman, obviously. She is a feminist and we are told that she is also woke. Now, anyone possessing those attributes is, by definition, highly virtuous and above reproach. Hence Ms Johnson is above reproach and any criticism of her must be construed as sexism. QED.

Further comment would be superfluous. – Yours, etc,



Blackrock, Co Dublin.