`Call-Out' Charges


Sir, - Many years ago, when petrol became scarce during the Suez crisis, the government allowed services to charge a small "call-out" charge. This was to reduce the number of unnecessary trips and to save petrol. Doctors, who do more call-outs than anyone else, did not avail of this imposition, though well they might have. This interim charge has now become almost an accepted way of life - at least to those who impose it.

From a few pounds, it has now reached up to £35 for a call-out. Some services will call, charge the fee, then go off to pick up some necessary part, such a screwdriver or hammer, which, of course, do not compromise part of a serviceman's gear. On return many weeks later another call-out charge is demanded. Why should some tradesman charge more just to call out than a doctor would for a visit and treatment?

As these charges are now an outrageous scam, perhaps the Government will take steps to ban them. A serviceman is entitled to be paid for doing a service job, and no more. - Yours, etc.,

Wilson Road, Mount Merrion, Co Dublin.