Broadcasting the Angelus


A chara, – For some, the Angelus bell has come to be associated with “the bad odours of religion”. Yet the practice of pausing in the course of a busy day to recollect oneself seems to chime so naturally with the need of the human spirit. Are we in danger of robbing ourselves of a practice that lends itself so readily to our wellbeing, spiritual and otherwise? Can not the Angelus bell be a call for some to prayer and for others to a valuable moment of quiet reflection? – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Criticism of the broadcasting of the Angelus on RTÉ has increased in recent times with some referring to the relaying of the Angelus as a Catholic call to prayer. Lobbyists for the removal of the Angelus have displayed a misunderstanding of the current modified “call to reflect” which RTÉ broadcasts twice daily.

The social imagery which accompanies the call to reflection is devoid of partiality towards any specific religion. Indeed, so compliant is the RTÉ Authority with the Framework Convention for the Protection of Minority Rights that not one representative of any Christian church in Ireland has requested the discontinuation of the Angelus bell. On the contrary, reasonable people accept that the broadcasting of the Angelus no longer has an exclusive connection with the Catholic Church and is merely a general call for all to reflect on our more materialistic and less spiritual lives in what many would regard as a rapidly approaching post-Christian Ireland. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.