Boarding and baggage


Sir, – I want to concur with much of what Donald Clarke had to say (Opinion, September 8th) regarding the boorish and ignorant response by Michael O’Leary to a complaint from a customer about the cost of printing out boarding passes. The headline: “Yes we know we should have our boarding pass. But must Michael O’Leary be so sarcastic?” suggested a recommendation for dealing with people in a more respectful manner.

What a shame then that Donald Clarke chose to include the phrase “Utilising withering, schoolteacher sarcasm” to describe Mr O’Leary’s response – such a sweeping statement and so disrespectful of the teaching profession. One possibility for this attitude is, of course, that Donald Clarke might have baggage with regard to his own education – another good reason for him to avoid flying Ryanair! – Yours, etc,


Kimmage Road West,

Dublin 12.

Sir, – I agree with Donald Clarke (September 9th) that Michael O’Leary was wrong in using foul language to respond to a Ryanair customer’s complaint.

Sadly, there is a general coarseness in everyday conversation in society, but leaders such as Mr O’Leary should be able to rise above it and conduct their business in a temperate manner.

However, I believe that Mr O’Leary was right as far as the facts of the particular case are concerned. Ryanair makes it quite clear in its e-mail confirming a flight that “In order to travel you are required to check-in online and present at the airport your online boarding pass – passengers who do not present a boarding pass at the airport will be charged a re-issue fee of €60 excluding VAT”.

As in any contract, if passengers do not comply with the conditions it is reasonable that they must pay the appropriate penalty. Contrary to Donald Clarke’s vitriolic article, you can select your Ryanair seat in advance.

It may be the airline that Donald Clarke loves to hate but I, for one, am very grateful to Ryanair for breaking the old cosy cartel of airlines that ripped us off for years and to Mr O’Leary who has created a competitive environment that has lowered air fares across Europe. – Yours, etc,


Acorn Road,

Dublin 16.