Bloody-Minded Driving


Sir, - Today I was in a slow line of traffic approaching a junction when I stopped to let a car enter the line from a side road. Immediately the man in the car behind me leaned on his horn, his race in my rear view mirror contorted in rage. Having allowed the car to enter the line despite the aggression behind me, I pulled in five minutes later to turn left. The man whom I had annoyed sped past me with another parting blast of his horn. He really did not like my small act of courtesy one little bit.

Am I alone in feeling that there is an epidemic of aggression on the roads? I have been driving for over 20 years and I have seen nothing like it. I am not talking about out and out road rage, which must be still fairly uncommon, but a generally bloody-minded attitude.

It is - I have no doubt - a factor in many accidents. - Yours, etc.,

Peter Dunkin,



Co Offaly.