Sir, - Conor Faughnan (December 7th) is paid to nurture the pious nostrum about motorists seeking a public transport alternative. That is no reason for the rest of us to believe this nonsense, nor to bow down before the car lobby.

It is cars which clog our roads and prohibit the operation of a proper bus service. Cars also kill and maim people, poison the air and blight our streetscapes. Motorists are responsible for this, and for inflicting misery on each other when they set up their daily road blocks.

Many motorists cannot be persuaded to believe rationally, and the car lobby will support this stupidity. Why, should they use public transport when the AA tells them it's inadequate? It is inadequate and so is life in the city, thanks to Conor and the unthinking motorist.

Finally, in car-mad Italy, the city of Ferrari gives proper priority to cyclists and pedestrians. The result is that less than 40 per cent of journeys are made by car. - Yours, etc.,

Cabinteely Green, Dublin 18.