Biking it to work


Sir, - As a daily commuter from Dublin to Newbridge I have a suggestion for the new Minister for Transport. Irish Rail has stated that in an era of severe financial constraints, it is unlikely that bicycle fares will be withdrawn. The current annual Dublin to Newbridge train fare is €2,100. With a bicycle it is an additional €3,132. As much as I would like to assist the Government in its efforts to make us a bike-friendly nation it would cost me €5,232 per annum. Therefore I drive.

I work in an office with more than 1,000 employees, a majority of whom commute by car. I personally know of 50 people who would like to “bike it to work”, but not at a cost of €5,232.

Why not axe the bike fee so we can get fit, reduce traffic, help the environment and create more revenue for Irish Rail? Irish Rail says it “can not take bikes at peak times due to space restriction”. It just so happens that it is at peak times that most people need to bike it to work. Would a simple one or two extra carriages be possible – no seats necessary? - Yours, etc,


Woodbrook Square,

Dublin 15