Banks and their customers


Sir, – I recently needed to make changes to the standing orders on my current account in my local Bank of Ireland. I was told initially that I could make the changes by completing a form in the branch. After waiting for 10 minutes, and with no sign of the staff member who went behind the scenes to get the form, I checked with another member of staff. I was informed that I would need to be set up on online banking to make the necessary changes. This would only take five minutes. However, I was going to have to return another day with the necessary proof of identity in order to get set up. I thought, fair enough, it was about time I got myself set up on online banking.

I returned to the branch at 11:30am last Friday. I had all the necessary documents with me. I explained my situation, and a staff member ushered me to a booth and dialed a number and left me with the receiver in my hand. I just caught the last words of a recorded message and then there was silence. The staff member immediately returned to tell me that the particular unit that I required was only open for calls during the hours of 1pm to 4pm four days a week and 1pm to 5pm on Thursdays. Another visit next week, I thought to myself.

I was offered a phone number which I could ring after 1pm on Friday and was informed that I would have to incur the cost of the call as it was not a freephone number. I declined.

It feels that getting set up on Banking 365 could take me almost a year! – Yours, etc,


Dublin 7.