Attacks in Syria


Sir, – The mass murder campaign being conducted by the Syrian government against its own people is proof yet again of the inability or unwillingness of the international community to protect vulnerable populations from brutal dictatorial regimes.

After the numerous genocides that have taken place over the past decades, and despite all the seemingly heartfelt declarations of “never again”, still the world bears idle witness to the rampant bloodletting of innocents.

Whatever about the fine words and promises that periodically emanate from world leaders and institutions, it has been proven time and again that, if it so chooses, a ruling regime can treat its people as inhumanely as it pleases. This is a self-perpetuating problem: the more brutal leaders are allowed act with impunity, the more other powerful brutes will follow suit, safe in the knowledge they have nothing to fear.

If the United Nations is not prepared to stand over its promises, and intervene decisively on behalf of defenceless populations, such as in Syria, then another body that is willing to do so must be initiated. Ideally it would be representative solely of the world’s democratic nations, to avoid the UN Security Council problem of the dictatorial regimes of China and Russia vetoing every suggestion that the UN should act to protect the victimised.

In such a circumstance, a multi-national rapid response unit could then be formed that is capable of despatching expert assistance immediately to the scene of any humanitarian crisis, including those of the manmade variety.

Such a unit would in essence act as a world fire-brigade, with the military capacity to intervene in a war zone or a genocide situation on behalf of the innocent and in pursuit of the guilty.

It is long past time the international community said “never again”, and then showed that it means it. – Yours, etc,



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