Arrests In Colombia


A chara, - Malcolm Byrne (August 23rd), compares the men found guilty of the murder of Garda Jerry McCabe and the three Irishmen arrested in Colombia, presupposes the latter's guilt. These men have yet to stand trial and, until then must be presumed innocent.

This trial by media only serves to obscure our objectivity and thus renders us incapable of making a fair assessment of the situation.

It is incumbent on Minister Brian Cowen to use all his powers to insure the safety of these men, who are now in a prison environment where life is cheap. It is with the families of these men that our sympathies must be laid.

Colombia's human rights record is apocryphal to say the least and it is therefore imperative that the Irish Government monitors the treatment of these three men closely to insure they are treated in a fair and just manner and in accordance with the principles of international human rights. - Is mise,

Trevor ╙ Muir∅, Baile na Manach, Baile ┴tha Cliath.