Appointments to State boards


Madam, – The proposal (Front Page, July 24th) suggesting that Fine Gael would perpetuate the system of party political appointments to state boards is a disgrace. The public is entitled to expect professional people of ability and integrity in these jobs, as indeed in the judiciary.

By faithfully selecting those who are prepared to demean themselves by licking up to influential politicians, the inferior get appointed. Once again, Fine Gael is looking forward with gusto to taking over the shop. Once again, ministers will put their friends and relations into important jobs. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. – Yours, etc,


Leinster Square,

Dublin 6

Madam, – So Fine Gael would unilaterally sack existing members of state boards upon taking office, notwithstanding that these people have contracts for set periods of time. No surprise there, this is what Michael Lowry did with CIÉ the last time FG were in office. I have never voted for Fianna Fáil in my life, but am now actively considering doing so, on the basis of better the incompetents you know. – Yours, etc,





Co Kildare

Madam, – So, Fine Gael would replace the membership of every State board within six months. Fine Gael and Richard Bruton have got it wrong – again!!

I have in the past seen State boards operate at first hand. Most of the “membership” didn’t even bother to read the voluminous documentation, which the rather dull, but otherwise diligent, executive prepared for the monthly board meetings. Fine Gael should propose, not to replace board members, but either to remove them altogether or reduce their number. – Yours, etc.





Co Wicklow.