Animal vivisection


Madam, - Ruarc Gahan's disgust at the use of animal vivisection for the benefit of mankind is somewhat ridiculous (October 15th). While he describes humans as "perhaps the most greedy, destructive and murderous species on the planet", he also forgets that we are the only species that troubles itself with the notion of ethics.

I doubt that Mr Gahan's sympathies towards the animal kingdom would be reciprocated in a situation where he could be of use or benefit to a particular animal. Furthermore, does he really believe that a tiger, gorilla, rabbit, or snake, if given the abilities bestowed upon us, would not reap the bounty of this earth and advance itself beyond its natural state? Would it be preferable if innocent people died or were injured in the name of medical progress, rather than animals?

Anyone who enjoys a steak, wears leather shoes or drinks milk with their tea accepts that animals, though deserving of a certain amount of our respect, are subservient to people.

I'll gladly review my position the next time an antelope or cockroach writes into this newspaper in defence of me. - Yours, etc,

JOHN POWER, Connolly Gardens, Dublin 8.