Alcohol industry and sports sponsorship


Sir, – The Government has dropped proposals to allow a legislative clause that would allow for the banning of sponsorship of sports by alcohol interests (“Alcohol sponsorship Bill dropped”, January 24th). This spineless climbdown in the face of pressures from the drinks industry must rank as a shameful betrayal of people of all ages in our population, but particularly children and other young, impressionable people who will continue to be subject to the most subtle and insidious advertising and promotion techniques that the drinks industry in this country can fund out of its already enormous profits. It is a sad state of affairs when our Ministers for Health, Children, Social Protection and Justice in particular can absolve themselves of any responsibility for the wellbeing of people whose lives will continue to be directly or indirectly blighted by alcohol abuse as a result of the decision of this Government to cave in to very powerful vested interests in the drinks sector. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.