A chara, - As one who campaigned for the Yes vote in the Nice referendum, I hope that we will now continue the debate on the future of Europe and Ireland's role in shaping that future. I believe also that those of us on the Yes side must listen to the genuine concerns of many who voted No or voted Yes reluctantly.

There is genuine confusion, but also a desire for more information and a greater understanding of how the European Union affects our lives and how we can affect EU decisions.

There is a challenge for those involved in political and civic organisations to explain how the European institutions work and how we can influence them. A similar approach must form part of the education system. Could I suggest to our MEPs that they spearhead such a drive? Greater media coverage of issues in the European institutions and in other European countries, will also enhance our understanding of the continent we share and the peoples who inhabit it. - Is mise,


Cllr MALCOLM BYRNE, Cathaoirleach, Gorey Town Council, Co Wexford.

Madam, - The Taoiseach and other leaders of the Yes campaign should now formally thank Justin Barrett for the trojan work he did on their behalf. - Yours, etc.,

JIM POWER, Fortfield Park, Dublin 6W.

Madam, - Now that it's one-all in the Nice Treaty tournament, when can we expect the Government to announce the date for the decider? - Yours, etc.,

CORA SHERLOCK, Wilton Place, Dublin 2.