Advertising firms playing their part

Sir, – In "Lessons from this crisis should inform future policy" (Opinion & Analysis & Analysis, March 30th), Una Mullally writes about how in a time of crisis overhauling systems tends to cost money which is often not well spent. She referred to how "Fine Gael pulled the tablecloth off the national dining table and left the crockery still standing, it really was some trick, one which may bear repeating." She adds that there were "no consultancy fees or advertising campaigns. It just . . . happened."

Not so. A number of advertising agencies and communications experts were hired by the HSE and other Government bodies to develop an extensive Covid-19 coronavirus public information campaign, working to exacting deadlines while operating remotely. The results of the ongoing campaign are evident from the constant stream of TV and radio ads, outdoor posters, full pages in newspapers and other messages across social media channels. Much of the campaign has been rolled out with the agencies and media having agreed heavily discounted rates or acting pro bono in the public interest at a time of unprecedented urgency. – Yours, etc,





Co Dublin.