Abortion and the law


A chara, – We at Kildare Feminist Network wish to express our disgust and horror at the proposals from nine TDs against the abortion legislation.

The proposals including forcing anyone who wants to procure an abortion to bury or cremate the remains is deeply hypocritical and misogynistic and smacks of a pathetic, patriarchal, last-ditch attempt to prevent legalised abortion in Ireland.

On May 25th the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to decriminalise abortion in Ireland. The people of Ireland knew exactly what they were voting for and amendments such as these were not part of that decision.

The nine TDs proposing these horrific amendments should not need to be reminded of this. In fact, we seem to recall Mattie McGrath, in particular, promising that he would not stand in the way of the legislation.

Yet again, we are being let down by those who are supposed to be our voice.

People procure abortions for a multitude of reasons and it is never an easy decision for anyone.

Threatening people with prosecution is just another twisted form of punishment rather than an act of care.

We would urge all TDs to reject these amendments and allow free, safe and legal access to abortion in Ireland to be implemented as quickly as possible. – Yours, etc,


Kildare Feminist Network,


Co Kildare.