Creeping militarisation of the EU

Ireland to spend €12m refilling EU arms stockpiles

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott
The Irish Times - Letters to the Editor.

Sir, – The Department of Defence and the Government have developed a fine line in Jesuitical statements on the connected issues of Irish neutrality and the creeping militarisation of the EU. Hence, The Irish Times was reassured by the Department of Defence that this State’s “direct military assistance” to Ukraine involves only non-lethal military aid (“Ireland to spend €12m refilling EU arms stockpiles”, News, June 11th). This is an obfuscation.

To begin with, the limited military training and other support that Ireland has provided to Ukraine are essential to any operational army. Second, the plan now is to indirectly supply munitions to Ukraine: Germany or the Netherlands, for example, can send bombs and bullets to the war zone and we will replace the transferred munitions. According to your report, the Act in Support of Ammunition Production is designed to replenish the armouries of EU states that have sent large amounts of military supplies to Ukraine. Ireland will contribute up to €12 million. In truth, we might as well send these munitions directly to Ukraine ourselves. It is difficult to see how this is compatible with military neutrality. It is another indication that the EU is gradually developing a military aspect, something that the citizens of Ireland never consciously signed up to. There is a troubling lack of public discussion around these significant developments. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.