Electoral Commission advert

TV ad gives the wrong impression of our right to vote

Letter of the Day

Sir, – A new ad by the Electoral Commission has started on RTÉ and it does the exact opposite of encouraging voting. The ad shows a young man trying to order at the chipper yet someone else makes all the decisions for him. He leaves feeling unheard, unseen and presumably very hungry.

Surely that is not what we’re trying to promote democracy as? Surely there was a better way to show that elections are worth our time and money?

All this ad does is tell the Irish people that if they feel disenfranchised by the system here, well, give up because they’ll never be heard anyway.

I would hugely disagree with this sentiment. Regardless of your political persuasion, you should always be able to feel that the transparent voting system in Ireland will account for your voice.


I would ask those who made that ad to go to a count as an observer at the next elections. Every view is seen and accounted for, voting does not have to be a brave thing like shouting over a large aggressive man in a chipper, no, it can be a whisper between you and a piece of paper.

Something not overly courageous but effective nonetheless. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.