The Stardust inquests

Unimaginable loss and grief

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – On Saturday, February 14th, 1981, I was happily getting ready for a family wedding, when the unimaginable tragedy of the Stardust began to be reported.

The couple who married later that day now have grandchildren.

I find it impossible to comprehend the unimaginable loss and grief, the continuous emotional agony and the anguished search for answers of those close to the 48 people who died that morning.

I hope the coroner court’s verdict of “unlawful killing” will finally bring some consolation to the families of those killed that Valentine’s Day and that such consolation will be somehow fortified by the humanity brought to the inquest proceedings by the coroner and jury and the individual dignity and personality they afforded to each of the victims. – Yours, etc,