Nuclear energy

Responding to climate crisis

Sir, – The Citizens’ Assembly in 2016 set the scene of nuclear neglect by omitting it from debate on “How to make Ireland a leader in tackling climate change”. Nothing has changed.

Accepting a small proportion of nuclear energy does not mean abandoning renewable energy. We need a mix of energy sources; renewable and nuclear can work well together.

Unless or until Ireland is prepared to accept, and support, a proportion of low-carbon nuclear energy on our electricity grid, irregular renewable systems will proliferate, requiring increasing levels of natural gas baseload and carbon emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency notes (very recently it must be said) that transformational change is needed to deal with climate change; also, that there’s little hope of meeting commitments for 2030 even if we implement present ambitious renewable energy plans.


So where are they on removal of the two legal barriers to nuclear energy and possibility of a small percentage on the grid? – Yours, etc,



Co Tipperary.