Rents and the housing crisis

Problem-solving is fatally impaired by excuses

Sir, – The Tánaiste was struggling to explain the latest report on the housing crisis which showed that rents continue to rise and are causing serious damage to the lives of many as they struggle to keep a roof over their heads (“Tánaiste says housing situation would get ‘far worse’ under Sinn Féin”, News, December 1st).

The calls from the Opposition to cap rents were swatted away with the usual claim that to do so would make matters worse and “reduce supply in the market”. Would it be too much to ask Mr Martin to explain to us how exactly a cap on rents would “reduce supply”? Is he suggesting that when a landlord leaves the sector the house involved somehow evaporates and is no longer available to be used as a home? Or is this just another poorly thought-out excuse? The most depressing thing about this is that experience tells us that problem-solving is fatally impaired by excuses.

Many believe it is not possible to make excuses and progress at the same time.

For many, the light at the end of the tunnel is fast becoming an illusion. – Yours, etc,