Will the latte levy stop us dumping cups?

Change is brewing

Sir, – My Killarney Looking Good colleagues and I, who have for many years collected litter from footpaths and roadsides, can most definitely attest that dumped coffee cups have for long constituted a large portion of our regular chore. There has been a very noticeable reduction in the number of such dumped cups since the introduction of the €2 deposit scheme. For Jim Power (“Will the latte levy stop us dumping millions of cups?”, Opinion & Analysis, November 28th) to state that carrying a reusable cup (in the car or truck) is impractical is a less than wise comment. For those unable to carry such a cup, possibly pedestrians or cyclists, the €2 refundable deposit scheme, as in use at present in Killarney, is the sensible and environmentally enhancing way to enjoy their purchase. – Yours, etc,



Killarney Looking Good,



Co Kerry.

Sir, – I read Jim Power’s take on the disposal coffee cup levy with amusement. The very idea that someone could carry around a cup just in case they fancied a coffee! Apparently that’s very impractical! It’s pretty normal to use a handbag to carry your stuff in. Surely there’s room for a cup too, Jim! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.