Clarity on use of force by gardaí

There is a policy already in place

Sir, – According to “Dublin riots: McEntee to seek clarity on use of force by gardaí from Policing Authority” (News, November 29th), Minister for Justice Helen McEntee will “tell the Cabinet this morning that she is seeking clarity on the use of force available to gardaí in dealing with serious public order incidents”.

This is an insult to everyone’s intelligence. If gardaí don’t know they can use reasonable force to protect life, limb and property then perhaps Templemore needs to be shut down.

There is a policy already in place on this. An Garda Síochána Policy Directive 075/2017 provides, inter alia: “The nature of policing is so diverse that it is not possible to document guidance to cover every eventuality. What is important is that any action taken is lawful. Any Garda response/action to resolve a public order incident must be lawful, proportionate, necessary and must be ‘reasonable in the circumstances’, as a member of An Garda Síochána believes it to be.”

Is it too much to expect the Minister for Justice and members of An Garda Síochána to know the bare minimum of their responsibilities? – Yours, etc,




Dublin 3.